Come enjoy a field trip and learn about bees, honey, apples, trees, animals and much much more. Learn about what happens to our apple trees during all four seasons. Discover what amazing creatures live and roam in our canyon. Become an expert apple taster. Sip our fresh pressed cider. Listen to amazing stories about the Love Tractor and the young girl who grew up on the ranch. Explore in our beautiful garden. Find out how many bees it takes to make a pound of honey. Delight your family and friends with a fantastic treat after learning to make a baked apple in the microwave. Buy some apples to take home to your family and remember your amazing day at the Ranch!

             FIELD TRIP TIMES: 
             Mornings ~ 10:30-noon *morning field trips may
                                bring a sack lunch and eat in our gardens
                                until 12:30.

             Afternoon ~ 1-2:30 p.m.
             Cost$5.00 per person