We are Susie and Paul Kenny and we have the pleasure of running the See Canyon Fruit Ranch. Our love for each other and this area started back in 1976 when we got married in See Canyon. The ranch started off as a prayer and now has been the place where we have raised our eight children and now where our grandkids run around and play. Our family has been on the central coast for generations and we love sharing the area with visitors. We hope that we get a chance to meet you and welcome you to the place we call home. 
— Susie & Paul



 We have 8 KIDS

And now we've got four grandkids. It takes a miracle to get us all in one photo, but here are some pictures of us in our element: eating, playing, hugging, and eating again. 

We also have many furry and feathery family members that live at our house. Our cats, dogs, and chickens will want to play with you and will be sure to give you some love. Check out some of these adorable pictures of our furry family members.